The #1 male masturbator
simulating real sex online.

Onyx is the smartest sex toy to ever please you. The lifelike masturbator sleeve grips and rubs your cock just like a real pussy would… with no movement required by you. Relax as a unique system of 10 contracting rings embedded in the patented Fleshlight® SuperSkin™ sleeve works your shaft. Thrust motion can be controlled by a user you connect with online, by interactive adult content, or by your very own touch-pad.

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Subtle look, hot feel

You’ll never guess that this sophisticated, understated matte black case contains the world’s most intuitive and interactive prosthetic pussy. Subtlety is key in the design of this adult toy, ensuring you can store it discreetly and easily travel with it. The sleek aesthetic features a glossy touch pad and minimalistic appeal, so don’t be surprised if it’s mistaken for an innocent tech device. The device stands proud or lays comfortably, with a solid cap to cover the entrance and keep prying hands from playing with the wrong toys. The matt black exterior draws minimal attention to the device, focusing the eye on the glossy touch pad stretching the full length of the facade and the signature red line of Kiiroo devices






Using Onyx is so simple you may reconsider bothering with the real thing.

- A single button controls power and functions.

- A touch pad gives you manual control of your pleasure.

- Software updates are pushed to your Onyx when it’s plugged in via USB, ensuring your experience is continually improved.

A sleek LED light is your indication of Bluetooth activity, as well as battery life, so that your only concern is your pleasure.




The magic happens deep inside the lifelike canal of our patented masturbation technology. Cushioning your solo sex experience is a globally top-selling Fleshlight® sleeve made exclusively for Onyx; realistic, soft and ripe for your pleasure. Embedded inside the walls of this prosthetic vagina is our patented magic: a system of contracting rings designed to mimic the feeling of real sex, without you moving a muscle. Each ring contracts individually on command, gripping your cock in response to movement delivered to it by a partnered Kiiroo toy, mimicking penetration and thrust. Two air channels within the Pleasure Core ensure adequate suction is applied to your shaft to add to the realism.There are two ways to manipulate the way Onyx pleases you:

  • -Solo, by swiping the touch pad on the exterior of the device to create stroking motions.
  • -With a partner, by pairing their corresponding Pearl, a smart vibrator with pressure points that communicate wirelessly with the contracting rings on your Onyx.
  • -Via interactive adult content online, delivering a curated series of grips, suction and in-out sensations to match what you’re viewing.

All you have to do is turn it on, and slip it over your cock. From there, allow the wonders of Onyx’s advanced sextech to deliver you the most realistic solo sex experience you’ve ever had. While other male masturbators only vibrate or pump air, Onyx delivers you a highly advanced virtual sex experience like no other. So prepare to get fucked, Kiiroo style.




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An innovative tactile video connection A revolutionary video chat platform completes the Kiiroo experience. Our intuitively designed, exceptionally high quality technology allows for you to connect with a partner (or stranger) online to co-ordinate your solo sex sessions together, both physically and visually. Simply connect your Onyx to the video chat platform (a free download) via Bluetooth, then share the passcode you’re given with your partner. You can then watch each other in real time through the clear glass-like interface, as you physically manipulate each other’s sexual pleasure. Long distance lovers will be more than satisfied by this miracle in teledildonics.






To ensure your online video chat sessions are reserved for you and your partner’s eyes only, we have created unbreakable security measures. Upon entering your own private chat room with WebRTC standards, you’re given a unique six-digit alphanumeric passcode. Share with your partner by inviting them to join you, and once they accept, you’re ready to Kiiroo. If you or your partner wish to end your experience, simply exit the platform – no strings attached. Note: Desktop platform only available currently. Mobile platform is in development.The Onyx is accompanied by an authenticity card, setup card, USB cable and all-important Fleshlight sleeve. The vital elements also fit inside the Onyx making it perfectly compact for traveling with.




You deserve luxury in your solo sex sessions. Your Onyx will arrive at your doorstep in a minimal, non-descript package for your discretion. Inside, you’ll find your pleasure device neatly cushioned in a deep, dark, velvet-lined box. Accompanying accessories (Fleshlight® sleeve, USB cable, authenticity and set-up cards) will be compactly set alongside your new toy. Intimate products have never been so stylish.



Onyx is the smart masturbator. It features a touch pad unlike any other; one that allows you to control and manipulate the way the lifelike pussy sleeve works your cock with a simple swipe. The high-tech capacitive touch pad registers your swipes up and down, and corresponding rings inside Onyx contract in real time to have it fuck you however you please.