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The #1 interactive vibrator for women.

Pearl is the first ever interactive pleasure product for women, with capacitive touch enabling her movement to be felt in real time by its partner male masturbator, Onyx. Individual sensors lining the vibrator’s hygienic silicone surface detect and transmit motion to the Onyx it’s paired with. Featuring an ergonomic G-spot curve, this luxury device will take both a woman and her partner to dizzying new heights.




Pearl Details

Intuitively yours

Using Pearl is so simple you may reconsider bothering with the real thing.

  • - A single button controls power and vibration modes.
  • - The touch sensitive surface measures your pleasure and delivers signals to its corresponding Onyx to replicate your movement.
  • - Software updates are pushed to your Pearl when it’s plugged in via USB, ensuring your experience is continually improved.

A sleek LED light is your indication of Bluetooth activity, letting you know when you’re connected with a partner device.

G-spot curve to hit the spot

The sleek design of Pearl is intended to deliver the ultimate in pleasure, with the ergonomic and stylish shape curated for reach, performance and comfort. Powerful vibrations are delivered by Pearl’s motor, situated 100mm down the shaft of the device, designed to nudge and caress the G-spot directly. It is a clean and simple dildo both in aesthetic and hygiene, with the smooth silicone material dermatologically tested, durable and superbly resilient.

Revolutionizing fuck toys, luxuriously.

Your sophisticated pleasure product will be delivered to your doorstep with the utmost discretion. You’ll find your ergonomic vibrator nestled in velvet cushioning inside a dark, deep-set keepsake box. Inside the sleek packaging is a satin dust bag, in which you can keep Pearl safe in all its glory. Alongside it you’ll find relevant accessories (a USB cable, authenticity and setup cards) neatly packed. Intimate products have never been so stylish.

Safe, smart silicone

Pearl is crafted from smooth silicone, promising the utmost in hygiene, safety and comfort. The tantalizing twist is that the length of the curved shaft features a collection of smart censors that detect your every move. This allows you to tease your partner as you please yourself. Every thrust and stroke felt by the surface of Pearl is detected and transmitted directly to the Onyx it’s paired with, via capacitive touch technology. Whoever is lucky enough to have their cock engulfed by that corresponding Onyx will feel every penetration, tickle and rub... in real time.

5 vibration moves for solo play

Pearl boasts powerful, pulsating vibrations designed to thrill, as they nudge you gently towards, then over, the edge. Five choices of pattern variations put you in charge of your pleasure. The first three are constant vibes, with the option of low, medium or high intensity. Pearl also offers a slow, tantalizing wave as well as a quick, quivering pulse. Further modes are constantly in development. The gentle hum is quiet enough to maintain your privacy, ensuring your enjoyment is your only concern.

Share the love with Onyx’s all over the world

Pearl’s standout feature is its unrivaled ability to create and host a realistic simulated sex experience between two or more people, anywhere in the world. Whoever has Pearl in their possession is in charge of the exact movements, thrusts and strokes felt by any Onyx paired with it. With time, Pearl will become a two-way pleasure experience, with Onyx similarly able to control the way Pearl works via vibration feedback. For now, however, indulge in the unique experience of pleasing a sexual partner in real time as you please yourself… even from thousands of miles away.

An innovative tactile video connection

A revolutionary video chat platform completes the Kiiroo experience. Our intuitively designed, exceptionally high quality technology allows for you to connect with a partner (or stranger) online to co-ordinate your solo sex sessions together, both physically and visually. Simply connect your Onyx to the video chat platform (which is free to download) via Bluetooth, then share the passcode you’re given with your partner. You can then watch each other in real time through the clear glass-like interface, as you physically manipulate each other’s sexual pleasure. Long distance lovers will be more than satisfied by this miracle in teledildonics.

You’re protected

To ensure your online video chat sessions are reserved for you and your partner’s eyes only, we have created unbreakable security measures. Upon entering your own private chat room with WebRTC standards, you’re given a unique six-digit alphanumeric passcode. Share with your partner by inviting them to join you, and once they accept, you’re ready to Kiiroo. If you or your partner wish to end your experience, simply exit the platform – no strings attached. Note: Desktop platform only available currently. Mobile platform is in development.

When updates become available, you will be notified through the platform. This is where your USB cable comes in handy. Plug it in, press update and wait a few moments to download the latest software. We offer this service to deliver the best experience possible and stay on top of any inevitable bugs.





Exclusive Services Available with Kiiroo

Webcam Girls

Webcam Girls

Feel your favorite webcam girls as they touch you through the internet.

Tactile Video

Tactile Video

Feel Your favorite porn movies encoded to synchronise with your Onyx.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Experience real-time sex in a virtual world, however you like it.

Online Dating

Online Dating

Meet girls online, see if you click. It’s safer and sexier than ever before.