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XBIZ Awards winner 2015





Exceptional products come with exceptional service

We understand that you might have questions about our products and services and we are happy to answer them. Our professional customer service is available through email, social media and even live chat on the Kiiroo website to anwer all your questions.


Our products are delivered in a discreet box, so it is up to you to share your purchase with anyone or not. The same goes for the payment description in your account. After purchase our customer service stays available and we will do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy our products and services.



Sextech is hot, and we keep fueling the fire

Kiiroo is one of the companies that is revolutionizing the online sex industry with ground breaking technology. We do this together with partners and with feedback from our users. With #sextech we feed social media channels with our latest news and developments and we start and join discussions about sextech. You are welcome to join us!